12 May


So my friend from a while back, when i used to collect trainers (sneakers)/stress about trainers/spend 100’s £’s on trainers/ take pics everyday of my trainers….you get the picture…..Tim Easley has always been ASSAULT, but after being out of contact with hime for a couple of years it seems he has gone on to blossom and shine with his amazing artwork and skillsssss…… having launched THE most adaptive/followed Sneaker forum/site (multibranded that is) in CROOKED TONGUES he went onto his own projects alongside Nike and New Balance and his own artwork and sneaker inspired posters that were for sale via ASSAULTHQ.COM……so then i stumbled across his old stuff clearing out a room and decide to look him up, to find he still alive and well and reppin da Croydon massive!! and he has done well in what he does best…….ASSAULT ON FLICKR he is also turning his attention to t’s on THREADLESS and they are looking good……

    ‘assault on threadless’

so go check him out, show some love and drop some comments…… right here:



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