The Prim Sessions with Dirty Tourism (live)

3 Jul

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dirty tourism flyer

yet another schedule re-jig this week and then the Dirty Tourism boys eventually get thier Prim Sessions debut!!
brand new tracks in the 1st hour from, Moritz Piske, Deepchild and a very nice Hector B-side in there too…..
the 2nd hour is when legendary Manchester night Dirty Tourism took over..recorded live…so there are some slips hahha…. from Cocoon when they supported Sven Vath and Dubfire!

check it out:::

1st hour with DJ PRIM:::::
the donk boys – ladies bra’s
seuil – no time for love
rhadow & luca m – bambina
thomas schumacher – the ooh ( remix)
ralf falcon – whateva
voodeux – just a spoonful
deepchild – stripjoint mathematics (worthy’s remix)
moritz piske – real one
voodeux – the curse (mike shannon remix)
hector – taking me for a ride
dj t – gorilla hug
sweet & candy – wierd hole
kirk douglas – finally found

2nd hour Dirty Tourism live rec from Cocoon
(No tracklist available…probably too smashed to remember!)

dont forget to check all the usual places:::

until next week………ooh it’s VOODEUX (mothership) & MEAT (get physical)…….can’t wait!!

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