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New mix up on

15 Jun

hey hey…a quiet feew days but rounded up some new tracks and got down for a little mix last night….and here it is::::

the tracklist is a beauty mostly new ones but also a couple of older bits that keep that summer dancefloor vibe going!

i will update with a download link soon….keep it Breezy!

i love World Cup Logos!

10 Jun

these are my favourite World cup logo’s!:

    Number 1:

Mexico 1970, such a good World Cup, Scotland decided not to qualify…….
Mexico 70

    Number 2:

Espana 1982, i was there..Pedro orange keyring but all i can remember is seeing Paolo Rossi!!
espana 1982

    Number 3:

Argentina 1978….were england at that one?
argy 78
and they had a cool mascot!
and THAT goal by Archie Gemmil…….. πŸ˜‰

    Number 4:

West Germany 1974…basic clean cut…if it was a person it would be a blond with a flat top!

    Number 5:

Mexico 1986….the first time i ever heard the name….’Guadlajara’ and i bought 3 ‘Azteca’ footballs πŸ™‚
mexico 86

oh and there were some cool mascots!
Two boys wearing Germany kits, with the letters WM (Weltmeisterschaft, World Cup) and number 74.

An orange, a typical fruit in Spain, wearing the kit of the host’s national team. Its name comes from naranja, Spanish for orange, and the diminutive suffix “-ito”.

A jalapeΓ±o pepper, characteristic of Mexican cuisine, with a moustache and wearing a sombrero. Its name comes from picante, Spanish for spicy peppers and sauces…i remember getting one of these in a kinder egg!

A stick figure player with a football head and an Italian tricolore body. Its name is an Italian greeting.



6 Jun

i’m selling lots of sneaks on my e-bay! i’m downsizing from around 600 pairs and you can own some of em for rediculous money!
check it here:::::



Breaks of 10 guest mix by PRIM

5 Jun

cool dude website and arty outlet Breaks of 10 caught me having a wee against a wall and as part of my rehab i had to do a quick interview about myself and my hometown of Newcastle, UK and the scene we have here……..and then i smashed the place apart with a fuckin sweet mixtape for thier ‘EXCLUSIVE MIXTAPE SERIES’

prim mixtape 7

Jesse Rose – Don’t Stop
Hickup – Hakazou! (unreleased)
Hector Couto – Disturbed Minds (Christian Fischer Remix)
Yankee Zulu – Toma!
Marc Miroir – Polypot (Daniel Steinberg Remix)
Tom Flynn – Purple Bird (unreleased)
Norman – Unschitbare Zweitfrisur (Harry Axt Remix)
Sascha Braemer – Club Foot
Lorcan Mak – Brass My Ass (Yankee Zulu)
Zombie Disco Squad – The Duke Sound
The Martin Brothers – Duckface
Tom Flynn – Twisty
Dapayk and Dapayk Solo – How Low?
Bee Low – Horny As A MotherFucker
Claude vonStroke and Jphlip – California
The Beastie Boys – Lee Majors Come Again


random pic of the day

4 Jun

i like random pics…..this one is courtesy of YIMMY YAYO

My May chart on RA:

4 Jun

click the pic to get the link to my Resident Advisor page…..


Moloko – Sing it Back..Reboot Bootleg?

2 Jun

a track that takes me waaayyyy back to funtimes in the sunshine! living in greece gettin free drinks everyday and dancing like a lunatic each night!

searching for some Reboot info. this liitle gem popped up…now, whether or not it is actually a Reboot remix (the whole Inpetto labelled as Deadmau5 remix fiasco spring to mind) this is a nice little tool to use in the sunshine sets of 2010’s inpending summer…….it’s up on my soundcloud so download it for free…..

here is the link to download the original video if you want too!
Moloko – Sing it Back video