i love World Cup Logos!

10 Jun

these are my favourite World cup logo’s!:

    Number 1:

Mexico 1970, such a good World Cup, Scotland decided not to qualify…….
Mexico 70

    Number 2:

Espana 1982, i was there..Pedro orange keyring but all i can remember is seeing Paolo Rossi!!
espana 1982

    Number 3:

Argentina 1978….were england at that one?
argy 78
and they had a cool mascot!
and THAT goal by Archie Gemmil…….. 😉

    Number 4:

West Germany 1974…basic clean cut…if it was a person it would be a blond with a flat top!

    Number 5:

Mexico 1986….the first time i ever heard the name….’Guadlajara’ and i bought 3 ‘Azteca’ footballs 🙂
mexico 86

oh and there were some cool mascots!
Two boys wearing Germany kits, with the letters WM (Weltmeisterschaft, World Cup) and number 74.

An orange, a typical fruit in Spain, wearing the kit of the host’s national team. Its name comes from naranja, Spanish for orange, and the diminutive suffix “-ito”.

A jalapeño pepper, characteristic of Mexican cuisine, with a moustache and wearing a sombrero. Its name comes from picante, Spanish for spicy peppers and sauces…i remember getting one of these in a kinder egg!

A stick figure player with a football head and an Italian tricolore body. Its name is an Italian greeting.


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