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6 Aug

ohh man such a busy life i haven’t had time to update for aaaaggges! so here we go…are you ready?
First up i have been working on a couple of remix/edits:::

    Kenny Larkin – Glob

Claude vonStroke has just remixed this but dropped the whole essence of the track out which i was little dissapointed about but i have built it up around it……check the clip…

    Claude vonStroke – Deep Throat

i just rumbled the bassline up a bit more editing and chopping the original up and adding a little more perc… unfinished but check the clip anywaysssssssss

    The Prim Sessions Radioshow 29th May

it was my turn for a mix this show so i took it a bit more ‘daytime’ techno, still that bassline rumble in there and a couple of sun drenched tracks to enjoy….. ch-ch-check it!

The Prim Sessions with Ahmet Sisman

30 May

ahmet blog pic


So check out AHMET SISMAN’s dynamic productions. In just two years he became one of the most hotly tipped DJ-Producer-Live Acts around, he has been proving his skills already in clubs like
Cocoon Club (Frankfurt), Arma 17 (Moscow), Rex (Paris), Fuse (Brussles) or Watergate in Berlin.

With a string of killer releases on Cocoon Rec., Lessizmore, Dumb-Unit and Stock 5– not to mention his ownSlash Label – Ahmet’s dynamic style incorporates all that is good about quality club music right now, fusing next-level studio skill with power, movement, and some serious club-slaying grooves.

His tracks getting charted and supported by Ellen Alien, Sven Vaeth, Loco Dice, Matthias Tanzmann, DJ T., Matthias Kaden, Tiefschwarz to name a few and his remix works are highly in demand. Check out his upcoming remix for dOP or Johannes Heil.


click to (>)play or the arrow for the download


The Prim Sessions with Alexkid

31 Jan

The Prim Sessionsw Alexkid

This Prim Sessions starred a pretty awesome guest……

From his roots in early nineties Parisian rave culture, this multi instrumentalist, composer, remix artist, DJ and sound engineer has set on a formidable trajectory since Laurent Garnier invited him to put out his debut single, ‘Playground’, in 1997. Alongside definitive producers like St.Germain and Mr.Oizo, Alexkid spent many years as a flagship artist for Garnier’s F Communications label, playing a pivotal role in sculpting the profile of French electronic music both at home and abroad while developing his own inimitable identity.
Refining his production skills over three critically lauded albums, Alexkid has mastered a kaleidoscopic range of styles from his early experiments with Drum and Bass, Nu Acid and Electro to the sparse House and Dub textures he is best known to weave today.

Alexkid is currently resident of Club Watergate in Berlin and also of the infamous Terrassa Sunday Parties held during the summer in Paris.
He also plays regularly in the best clubs around the world such as Panoramabar or the Rex Club to name a few…

enjoy it, take it home, download it, share it out buy the tracks you like!

Prim 1st Hour…………………..
Audiofly – Salioelsol (Kabuto and Koji Remix) – [8-Bit]
Darlyn Vlys – La Pause – [Get Digital]
Andre Crom – Show Me – [Get Digital]
Matt Tolfrey – The Other Side [Culprit]
Youandewan – Dsico – [Magicbag Music]
Pele – El Condor – [Supernature]
Deepchild – Knob Farm (Emerson Todd’s Stripped Back Remix) – [Breakout Audio]
Harry Axt – Bastardo – [Kiddaz FM]
Jet Project – Foundations – [Extended Play]
Daniel Steinberg – Who Stopped The Music – [Frontroom]

Dirty Tourists – Last Tango In DC10 (Midnite Radio Remix)

Lil Louis – The Story Continues (Kirk’s Kezzled in his Kegs Edit) – [CD-r]

*Classic Track*
Audion – Mouth to Mouth

The Prim Sessions with Dirty Tourism (live)

3 Jul

CLICK THE IMAGE TO DOWNLOAD::::::::::::::::::::

dirty tourism flyer

yet another schedule re-jig this week and then the Dirty Tourism boys eventually get thier Prim Sessions debut!!
brand new tracks in the 1st hour from, Moritz Piske, Deepchild and a very nice Hector B-side in there too…..
the 2nd hour is when legendary Manchester night Dirty Tourism took over..recorded live…so there are some slips hahha…. from Cocoon when they supported Sven Vath and Dubfire!

check it out:::

1st hour with DJ PRIM:::::
the donk boys – ladies bra’s
seuil – no time for love
rhadow & luca m – bambina
thomas schumacher – the ooh (m.in remix)
ralf falcon – whateva
voodeux – just a spoonful
deepchild – stripjoint mathematics (worthy’s remix)
moritz piske – real one
voodeux – the curse (mike shannon remix)
hector – taking me for a ride
dj t – gorilla hug
sweet & candy – wierd hole
kirk douglas – finally found

2nd hour Dirty Tourism live rec from Cocoon
(No tracklist available…probably too smashed to remember!)

dont forget to check all the usual places:::


until next week………ooh it’s VOODEUX (mothership) & MEAT (get physical)…….can’t wait!!

The Prim Sessions with Pig & Dan

20 Jun

prim sessions with pig and dan

This weeks Prim Sessions was flipped a little after relying on a live recording for the original mix which came in a little too late!! So, to replace it i moved a scheduled mix forward…and what a mix it was.. Pig and Dan are pretty big players and have a history and discography to prove it, thier techno and house style of set showed through in the mix in the 1st hour….i played the 2nd hour as i wanted to play the last track of the show in memory of a very close friend that passed away on Tuesday….she was a great inspiration to me, aswell as a bad influence, occaisionally! and the last track of the show is for her…..R.I.P Amanda Hart ❤

1st hour Pig & Dan mix no tracklist available

2nd hour mix Prim:
Varoslav ft DOP – Inside Ways (boris werner remix)
Dirt Crew – Redux
Lemon Popsicle – West of Eden (Lemos remix)
Loco Dice – Flight LB7475
Stimming ft Paulo Olarte – una Pena (Solomun remix)
Hector – Got fringe?
Umek – pravim Haos
DJ T – Dis (Solomun remix)
Signore Dito & Molisan Bros. – Asi baba
Basti Grub – La La Leidenschaft
The Source ft Candi Staton – You got the love……

places to find me::::


much love to you all…treasure every moment and see you next week

The Prim Sessions radio show with the Italoboyz guest mix

8 Jun


italoboyz on the prim sessions

At long last, one of my favourite artists gets me a guest mix together!!! woooo hooo!!!
The Italoboyz stepped on the scene and launched the Mothership label with their massive hit „Viktor Casanova“ in 2007.
Then they followed it up with another smash success, “Zinga” on Get Physical Music,
right after that „Bahia“ was released which featured the only legally licensed John Coltrane sample in the history of dance music.
Their successful collaboration with Nôze „Double Trouble“ was played massively as well as their amazing track “Portucais” on Trapez.
Now, they are back with a highly anticipated full length artist album called „Bla Bla Bla.“
True to form, the Italoz are at it again, twisting and manipulating real world sounds in the most intriguing ways.
If this lead-off single is representative of the creativity and feeling of the full album then we are in for another great success story from this extremely interesting duo.



no tracklist for thier set but here is the 1st hour mix tracklist from me::::

Tom Demac – Prima Donna (Seuil remix)
The Glitz – Silbersee (nick curly remix)
Livio & Roby vs George G – Morning Express
Ray Okpara – So Renier
Ralf Falcon – Whatever (Dub Mix)
Jamie Jones – You
Matt Tolfrey – I just can’t take it
Ilario Alicante – Jamdishes (Daniel Sanchez Remix)
Italoboyz – Bla Bla Bla
Nick Curly – Pujante

DJ T – I am Rhythm

Italoboyz guest mix…No tracklist

(Gotta love Gill’s ITALOBOYZ>>>CIAO!! idents!! )
Until next time………..



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PRIM live set

26 Apr

PRIM block party set
“ZShare file so you can stream or download”

Recorded at Block Party which is a excellent Bank Holiday party held at The Ship Public house in Newcastle, UK. Everybank holiday a few hundred people get out into the sun and party on down to all kinds of music, i had the pleasure of closing the party as the sun went in and recorded the set as a bonus….expect nice sun drenched techno and house……i had to edit is to take out the 1min gap for the ‘one more tune’ at the end!! jack-jack-jack ya body!!!!!!

Prim recorded live at
Block Party, The Ship
Easter Sunday, 6:30pm (ish)

kreon – just jack
johnny d – orbitalife
robert dietz – sunshower
ray okpara – loving moonbuah
mass prod – sunset (livio & roby rmx)
ernesto ferreyra – caleza
NTFO – tourette
nima gorji – hopp hopp (einzelkind remix)
matt star – kuhle fliege (hugo remix)
larry heard – the sun can’t compare
steve ‘silk’ hurley – jack ya body

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