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The Prim Sessions with Zade and Kayne Cross

14 Apr

cross bros

the Prim Sessions guest mix this week came from brotherly house and techno duo Zade and Kayne Cross. Remember the name as you’ll be haering it alot over the next year or so…..i have been playing their demo tracks and thought it was about time i let them strut their stuff on the show…so what you will hear is a showcase of what they play and produce with a few of the guys own exclusive tracks in there too!!…they even gave me the tracklist!

1. Roman Flugel – 14x7x4 (Zade & Kayne’s Intro Edit)
2. Jairo Catelo – Suspicious Minds (Liapin & Afrilounge Remix)
3. Collint Eastwood – What You Need
4. Zade & Kayne Cross – Untitled (Unreleased)
5. Zade & Kayne Cross – Pornographic (Unreleased)
6. Zade & Kayne Cross – Gettin’ On
7. Romano Alfieri – Hell’s Smile
8. Ben Anders – Monkey See Monkey Do (Federic Molinari Remix)
9. Zade & Kayne Cross – Alike Music
10. Zade & Kayne Cross – Just..
11. Zade & Kayne Cross – Mr D (Unreleased)
12. UES – Twentyfour (Illario Alicante Remix)
13. Alessandro Sensini – Noise (Original Mix)
14. Moritz Piske – Real One (Daniel Kampf Diskokaempfermix)

The Prim Sessions with Zade & Kayne Cross april 2010 by primsessions


Prim and People Get Real

22 Mar

Prim presents: WRONG with People Get Real

Keeping it local this month with a special guest mix from PEOPLE GET REAL…. residents of the infamous WAX:ON parties in Newcastle and Leeds (uk) storming through with some lushious deep house and minimal for your listening pleasure….check the tracklists and get the download..also dont forget to search PRIM SESSIONS on facebook for more exclusive stuff and updates!

would you like a tracklist????>>>>
1st hour: PRIM IN THE MIX:
mihalis – rainforest
matthew dear – free to ask (d’julz remix)
zander vt – get up
riva starr – vouxhall (tim green remix)
barem – seeee
glimpse – for fleur (johnny d remix)
sebo k – diva
mac neumann – pearl diver
gavin herilhy – indian horn
luca bachetti – rolling brooklyn
lucio aquilana – disco bus

Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts – They Only Come Out At Night (Horror Inc Remix)
Loco Dice – La Esquina
MD3 – Pressure Cooker ‘Phil Weeks Remix’
Mark Farina – Bringin’ It Back ‘Motto Mix’
Flug – Mize To Mize
Lee Curtiss, Gadi Mizrahi – Junglebunnyhump
Shusi Khijada – Leadbrothers
Remute – Decubatio
Elon – Snorting Pinky
Tim Paris – Alike
Franck Roger – Take Off ‘Matt ‘That’s House’ Bonus Beat
Marc Romboy – Elif ‘Will Saul & Tam Cooper Remix’
Jay Haze, Yann Tiersen – Omptine D ‘Un Autre Ete, L ‘Apres Midi