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New mix up on Mixcloud.com

15 Jun

hey hey…a quiet feew days but rounded up some new tracks and got down for a little mix last night….and here it is::::

the tracklist is a beauty mostly new ones but also a couple of older bits that keep that summer dancefloor vibe going!

i will update with a download link soon….keep it Breezy!

Breaks of 10 guest mix by PRIM

5 Jun

cool dude website and arty outlet Breaks of 10 caught me having a wee against a wall and as part of my rehab i had to do a quick interview about myself and my hometown of Newcastle, UK and the scene we have here……..and then i smashed the place apart with a fuckin sweet mixtape for thier ‘EXCLUSIVE MIXTAPE SERIES’

prim mixtape 7

Jesse Rose – Don’t Stop
Hickup – Hakazou! (unreleased)
Hector Couto – Disturbed Minds (Christian Fischer Remix)
Yankee Zulu – Toma!
Marc Miroir – Polypot (Daniel Steinberg Remix)
Tom Flynn – Purple Bird (unreleased)
Norman – Unschitbare Zweitfrisur (Harry Axt Remix)
Sascha Braemer – Club Foot
Lorcan Mak – Brass My Ass (Yankee Zulu)
Zombie Disco Squad – The Duke Sound
The Martin Brothers – Duckface
Tom Flynn – Twisty
Dapayk and Dapayk Solo – How Low?
Bee Low – Horny As A MotherFucker
Claude vonStroke and Jphlip – California
The Beastie Boys – Lee Majors Come Again


My May chart on RA:

4 Jun

click the pic to get the link to my Resident Advisor page…..


The Prim Sessions Dirtybird Special with JPhlip!

10 Mar

bird is the word

So Dirtybird Records turns 5 this year and i thought i’d dedicate the show to one of my favourite labels, and invite the newest Dirtybird to fill the guest mix slot! JPhlip hit us up with a 1hr 20 guest mix…and what a mix…starting off with a slow jam and building up to some club bumpers! lo-slung-dirty-stripper-techno-funk!

FIRST 40min:
Prim Dirtybird Mix Feb 2010
01 Claude vonStroke -Bay Area
02 Claude vonStroke & JPhlip – California
03 JPhlip – Rumble Rumble
04 Claude vonStroke – Who’s Afraid of Detroit (3 Channels Remix)
05 Tanner Ross & Kilowatts – Kruger Fingers
06 Claude vonStroke – Big n Round (Worthy Remix)
07 Style of Eye – The Big Kazoo
08 Claude vonStroke – Vocal Chords (Voodueux’s Grumbly Remix)
09 Sascha Braemer – Some Sweat
10 Claude vonStroke – Deep Throat
11 TG – Revox (Justin Martin Remix)

J.Phlip – “I Love You More Than ___” February 2010

01 James Blake – Buzzard and Kestrel
02 Patrick Cowley & Jorge Sacarras – Soon (Kink Remix)
03 P.toile – One (Tanner Ross & Sergio Santos Remix)
04 Bushwacka – Battered
05 No Regular Play – Owe Me (Deniz Kurtel Remix)
06 Jamie McHugh – Arcadia (Claude VonStroke Remix)
07 Dapayk Solo – Uma
08 Hannah Holland – What You Feel (James Braun Remix)
09 Ziemtree – ICU (Jack Dub) + DJ Fast Eddie & Kenny Jammin Jason – Can U Dance (Hatiras Acapella Tool)
10 J.Phlip – Droppin Bombz On Yer Momz
11 Justin Martin – A Robot Romance
12 Mri & Denite – Black Hat
13 Tom Piper & Daniel Farley – Airbag
14 Marco Resmann – I Will Love feat. Mz Sunday Luv (Holger Zilske Remix)
15 Sonar Soul – I Know What Will Be Next (Catz ‘n Dogz Remix)
16 David Keno & Jaxson – Right Here
17 Claude VonStroke – Storm On Lake St Claire (Stimming Remix)
18 Ezio – Asi (Abnormal Boyz Remix)
19 Maetrik – Paradigm House (Mike Shannon Remix)
20 Deniz Kurtel – Yeah feat. Guest of Nature
21 Mike Shannon &John Shananigans – One Blue Shoe
22 Frivolous – Kisses (Split Milk Mix)

Jess is available for European appearences this summer as she’s moving over to Berlin!! get on to The Motherbird Agency for details. catch her on MYSPACE here and here, her soundcloud is here and you can tweet her here!

Much love….get me on facebook:PRIM FACEBOOK




Th Prim Sessions ANABATIC records take over!

11 Sep

anabatic records

The Prim Sessions radio show with guest’s from ANABATIC REC> Worthy and Tom Flynn!
Tom Flynn tracklist:
1. Guy Gerber & Luciano – Arcenciel (Cadenza)
2. Shlomi Aber – Black Title (BeAsOne)
3. Tom Flynn – Marrakesh (CDR)
4. Stimming – Una Pena feat Paulo Olarte (Diynamic)
5. Robag Wrhume – Wortkabular (Luciano Mix) (Musik Krause)
6. loco Dice – Pimp Jackson Is Talking Now (Loco Mix)
7. AudioFly X – Get Smarter (Get Physical)
8. Andrea Esu – Bati Bati Gol (Front Room Recordings)
9. Consistent – Sticky Situation (BOE Recordings)
10. Matt Tolfrey – what am i Buying (Viva Music)
11. Mommas Boy – Malditio Nino (Tom Flynn Remix) (Anabatic)
12. Catz N Dogz – Lolek & Bolek Feat Pol On (Get Physical)
13. Luigi Madonna – Stress (Uto Karem Mix) (Loose Records)
14. Worthy – Madcap (Anabatic)
15. Kevin Saunderson – Just One More Chance ( John Tejada Mix) (KMS Reocrds)

Worthy tracklist:
1. UGH,Federico Locchi – Caramella (George Remix) – Caramella
2. Lance Desardi – Repeast:Reform – Om
3. Chaim – Peer Pressure -Supplemental
4. Worthy & DWL – Dry Wood – Anabatic
5. Buraka Som Sistema – IC19 (James Talk Remix) – Fabric
6. Edu K – Avec Bon Bons – Anabatic
7. Boy 8 Bit – Baltic Pine – This is Music
8. Joseph Indelicato – Is what it is – Little Mountain
9. Cevin Fisher – The Freaks Come Out 2009 (Idiotproof Remix-Jesse Rose Edit) – Made To Play
10. Luca Lozano – Berlinetta (JPhlip Remix) – Dirtybird
11. DJ T – Gorilla Hug – Get Physical
12. Christian Fischer – Kolibri (Alex Young Remix) – Definition
13. Woolfy & Projections – Neeve (Permanent Vacation Tropical Heat Remix) – Permanent Vacation
14. Mount Kimble – Serged – Hotflush

what a fucking amazing show!